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I'm sitting here with a half-eaten hunk of Humboldt Fog cheese (what a name) and a decidedly horrendous headache and wondering why the fuck the move to this site was a good idea.

so uh, it boils down to:
  • a) tumblr is surprisingly great replacement for dA but the writing is on the wall; additionally, the lack of privacy controls for the few times that fanwank has bitten me is a damn good incentive to shift over here.
  • b) twitter is also great for being a writers 101 bootcamp of 'be aghast at how many fucking unnecessary words do you use on a regular basis'; ultimately it's still shit for prodding sticks at a topic in a more lengthy fashion.
ERGO: the plan for this is a chuckbucket for all the lingering Tellius / RepComm / Hellsing feels that have -somehow- survived the years and need to be laid to rest.

(If said chuckbucket will skill-grind ye olde writing skills, cool beans.)

(if it also allows krad to not have a headache-implosion from daily events, hell yeah.)

ooh shiny, an irrelevant (but passingly interesting) linkspam:

  • Eeben Barlow, Executive Outcome's founder - aka the most widely known mercenary* group before Blackwater- has a neat series of articles talking about his work with STTP (another African mercenary group) against Boko Haram. It's really really interesting (if slightly ... voyeuristic) following what mercenary groups have been up to ever since Blackwater landed on the public radar briefly - part shenanigans and scandals and honest to god instagrams like any other company and then part deadly serious.
  • im not even joking about the instagrams
  • (don't even ask, it's been this weirdass pet topic for a long time. it will show up again.)
  • This article (skimming suggested) on Russian industrialization of sock accounts is a hell of a confirmation on the arms-race of social media. it's jarringly uncomfortable to see proof of that on the same platform that you use for following up-and-coming friendly illustrators and smashing fanart? like, maybe I've been naive as hell, but there's always been the sense of Serious Repolitk Things should always be way elsewhere than The Fandom Life - It's a rude awakening, to see that line being blurred. (though holy shit the irony of their anti-Obama accounts being earnestly fucking followed by the more rabid conservatives down here has me cracking up to no end)
  • tangentially, it's a delightful sign of the times when a friend of yours who happens to be in law enforcement suggests Snowden's documentary as a favorite of his. The man has some seriously questionable taste in movies otherwise, but it's kinda neat given that he's not the type to be a big fan of the guy otherwise. Progress?
*the trendy term now would be PMC/'security contractors' but I personally find the avoidance of labeling their actual duties to be hella more distasteful than reclaiming the original term, no matter where you're coming from. One of the best documentaries on the topic tends to take that stance too.

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