kradeelav: (rourke)
2015-06-03 05:05 pm

uh shit i gotta write a title, that's not good

I'm sitting here with a half-eaten hunk of Humboldt Fog cheese (what a name) and a decidedly horrendous headache and wondering why the fuck the move to this site was a good idea.

so uh, it boils down to:
  • a) tumblr is surprisingly great replacement for dA but the writing is on the wall; additionally, the lack of privacy controls for the few times that fanwank has bitten me is a damn good incentive to shift over here.
  • b) twitter is also great for being a writers 101 bootcamp of 'be aghast at how many fucking unnecessary words do you use on a regular basis'; ultimately it's still shit for prodding sticks at a topic in a more lengthy fashion.
ERGO: the plan for this is a chuckbucket for all the lingering Tellius / RepComm / Hellsing feels that have -somehow- survived the years and need to be laid to rest.

(If said chuckbucket will skill-grind ye olde writing skills, cool beans.)

(if it also allows krad to not have a headache-implosion from daily events, hell yeah.)

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